Beijing, 22 March 2022 (TDI): China has urged the United States (US) to instantly withdraw sanctions on the Chinese officials. The US imposed sanctions are related to visa restrictions.

The Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin warned on Tuesday that if the US doesn’t revoke the decision, China will respond with countermeasures.

Wang Wenbin made these remarks in a press conference in the wake of Antony Blinken’s remarks. The Secretary of State of the US expressed in a statement that the US will inflict visa restrictions on Chinese officials.

Antony Blinken stated that those sanctions will be on the individuals who are involved in so-called human rights abuses. The Chinese Spokesperson enunciated that China is firmly opposed to the US statement.

He added that the sanctions by the US are based on ideological bias and political lies. Wang further emphasized that the Chinese people were in the best position to judge China’s human rights condition, not the US.

In addition, the Chinese Spokesperson noted that the human rights situation in China was at its best in history. Moreover, the Chinese government sticks to the people-centered philosophy of human rights.

Likewise, China earnestly enforces the constitutional precept of respecting and protecting human rights. Wang Wenbin further stressed in a statement that “The biggest human rights abuser in the world is the United States.”

He accentuated the human rights violations by the US in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as its aggressive wars. Furthermore, he urged that China wants the US to contemplate the human rights crimes it has committed.

Moreover, the US needs introspection to rectify its numerous crimes along with viewing China’s human rights situation in a fair and objective manner.