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China-Australia hold discussion on Maritime Affairs


Beijing, 21 March 2024 (TDI): Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian announced on Thursday that China is initiating discussions on maritime affairs with Australia.

The announcement was made on the final day of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s visit to Australia.

During the visit, Chinese Minister, Wang Yi engaged in discussions with Australian counterparts. The leaders addressed trade matters and regional security issues, especially about the South China Sea tensions.

Australia and China, despite being significant trade partners, experienced strained relations in 2020. The reason is Canberra’s call for an independent COVID-19 origins investigation. However, recent years have seen efforts to mend ties, resulting in the lifting of trade barriers.

However, this development came amidst escalating tensions among nations. These nations border the South China Sea, posing challenges to regional security.

Both countries are now contemplating dialogue on maritime issues, along with cooperation in diplomacy, trade, technology, education, and law enforcement.

In a readout on Thursday of a meeting with the premier of New South Wales in Sydney, Wang said,

“The greatest feeling from this visit to Australia is that both the Australian ruling party and the opposition party, the business and strategic circles, officials, and ordinary people support the strengthening of dialogue and cooperation between China and Australia in various fields,” he said.

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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese expressed concerns about destabilizing activities in the South China Sea, emphasizing the need for peace and stability.

This sentiment was echoed in a joint statement with the ASEAN regional grouping, urging all parties to refrain from unilateral actions that could jeopardize regional security.

In discussions with the New South Wales premier, Wang Yi highlighted broad support from various Australian sectors for enhancing bilateral cooperation.

Furthermore, both nations are exploring opportunities for collaboration in energy, mining, agriculture, dairy products, and climate change initiatives.


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