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China and Mexico to enhance cooperation in finance


San Francisco, 18 November 2023 (TDI): During the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, in San Francisco. President Xi urged both China and Mexico to enhance their cooperation in finance, electric vehicles, and other new sectors.

He also encouraged them to leverage the inter-governmental cooperation mechanism and strengthen their collaboration in traditional fields such as infrastructure development.

Xi noted that China and Mexico have enjoyed a long-lasting friendship, which was evidenced by the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations last year and the 10th anniversary of their comprehensive strategic partnership this year.

Xi stated that China-Mexico relations have become more strategic, complementary, and mutually beneficial, and the two sides have shown more mutual understanding and support for their core interests and major concerns.

He said that China values its relations with Mexico and is ready to cooperate with Mexico to improve its strategic coordination, explore its cooperation potential, and use its complementary strengths to elevate its bilateral relations.

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The Chinese president emphasized that China backs Mexico’s independent development path that suits its national situation and is keen to share its experience with Mexico in country governance.

He noted that the trade volume between China and Mexico has grown more than 7,000-fold since they established diplomatic ties, and their cooperation in areas such as railways, automobiles, and new energy has been fruitful.

Lopez said that Mexico and China share glorious civilizations and have a close and brotherly relationship.

He recalled that China was the first to help Mexico with valuable anti-pandemic supplies when COVID-19 struck, which helped Mexico overcome the crisis.

He also thanked China for its prompt expression of sympathy and support when a devastating hurricane hit Mexico in the Pacific Ocean recently.

He stressed that Mexico and China both defend their independence and reject meddling in other countries’ domestic affairs.

He said that Mexico will continue to pursue a friendly policy towards China, support each other, welcome Chinese investment in Mexico, and enhance their win-win cooperation in various areas as well as their joint fight against drug production and trafficking.

He expressed his willingness to work closely with China on multilateral issues and to advance Latin America-China relations.

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