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China celebrates 20th Anniversary of SCO Secretariat


Beijing, 22 February 2024(TDI): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized the importance of joint efforts by all members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) to ensure the organization’s sound development and stability in a rapidly changing world.

Speaking at a reception in Beijing celebrating the 20th anniversary of the SCO Secretariat, Wang highlighted the need to uphold the Shanghai Spirit and leverage the SCO as a vital cooperation platform.

Key Points

Guided by Shanghai Spirit

Wang Yi acknowledged that the world is experiencing unprecedented changes and turbulence. In this context, the SCO’s principles of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultation, respect for diverse civilizations, and pursuit of common development remain crucial.

The SCO has consistently followed this spirit, contributing to regional stability and cooperation.

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SCO’s Growth and Influence

Over the past two decades, the SCO has evolved from six member states to a family of 26 member states, observers, and dialogue partners.

This expansion reflects the organization’s commitment to solidarity, coordination, openness, win-win outcomes, inclusiveness, and mutual learning among countries with diverse social systems and development paths.

China’s Commitment to SCO

China reaffirmed its commitment to the SCO by prioritizing it diplomatically. China will continue to support the SCO Secretariat and Kazakhstan’s work during its rotating presidency.

The upcoming Astana Summit is expected to yield fruitful results, further enhancing the SCO’s role in promoting lasting peace and global prosperity.

SCO Secretariat’s Role

Zhang Ming, Secretary-General of the SCO, emphasized the Secretariat’s ongoing support for the organization’s development.

The Secretariat plays a crucial role in facilitating discussions, decision-making, and coordination within the SCO framework.

Moreover, the reception was attended by more than 200 people, including diplomatic envoys from SCO member countries and representatives of international organizations in China.

This diverse participation underscores the SCO’s significance on the global stage.

As the SCO celebrates its 20th anniversary, it continues to foster cooperation, dialogue, and stability across the region.

The organization remains committed to addressing common challenges and building a community of shared destiny for humankind.

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