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China and Honduras meeting for trade agreement


Tegucigalpa, 9 July 2023(TDI):  Representatives of the Chinese government, led by Weng Shouwen, Vice Minister of Commerce met with the Honduran Government in Tegucigalpa, to negotiate the Free Trade Agreement (TLC).

The inaugural of the Mixed Committee to develop bilateral relationships within the confines of the Belt and Road Project was a part of this meeting.

The two governments started this dialogue in response to the objectives agreed upon by Presidents Xiomara Castro and Xi Jinping during their first official visit to Beijing in the summer of 2023.

The meetings mission aims at expanding financial, commercial, investment, and collaboration between the two countries.

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Key points discussed at the meeting

Honduras and China discussed several problems pertaining to investing in infrastructure, telecommunications, energy, crops, and agriculture during the TLC meeting.

Under this meeting, Honduras and China also discussed the feasibilities of micro and small-scale businesses, trade and commerce, and the farming industry amongst other topics.

Honduras’ government expressed its vision to the Chinese counterparts, as framed in President Castro’s Government Plan Bicentennial.

These are to build financial, business, and collaboration that are harmonious, mutually beneficial, and incorporate respect for differences and different growth needs.

Moreover, the two countries have similar visions including fair trade, the creation of value chains, attracting profitable investments, the formation of strategic alliances, and the transfer of knowledge, all within the context of human and social growth.

Honduras and China have strengthened their bilateral future relations with this trade agreement which will help them achieve long-term academic Development.




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