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China and Egypt to strengthen bilateral relations


Cairo, 15 January 2024 (TDI): On Sunday, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who was visiting Cairo. The meeting focused on strengthening bilateral relations between China and Egypt.

They talked about how to enhance their cooperation and emphasized the need for an urgent truce in the Gaza Strip.

Wang, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, passed on the warm wishes of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Sisi.

He stated that Xi and Sisi have built a strong and lasting friendship and mutual trust, which is “the most reliable strategic support for the China-Egypt relations.”

The Chinese top diplomat said that China and Egypt have strengthened their political mutual trust, achieved practical outcomes from their cooperation,

They both played a responsible role as major countries in international and regional issues and elevated their bilateral relations to “the highest level” in history, thanks to the leadership and attention of their heads of state.

Wang also praised Sisi for his landslide victory in the election, expressing confidence that Egypt will make more progress and success on the path to national growth and revival.

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Sisi, in turn, requested Wang to pass on his deep admiration and warm wishes to President Xi.

He praised China for its remarkable development successes under President Xi’s guidance and its growing influence in global matters.

The Egyptian leader said that ‘China is a powerful nation, and nothing can hinder its advancement, reaffirming that Egypt will always support the one-China policy and reject any meddling in China’s domestic affairs.’

The Egyptian leader said that China is a powerful nation, and nothing can hinder its advancement.

He reaffirmed that Egypt will always respect the one-China policy and reject any meddling in China’s domestic affairs.

Sisi thanked China for its solid backing for Egypt’s economic and social growth.

He said that the joint development of the BRI by Egypt and China has produced impressive outcomes.

The president said that Egypt values a comprehensive strategic relationship with China and is eager to build a stronger partnership with China and broaden cooperation in various domains.

Sisi also expressed his gratitude to Chinese companies for their “significant role” in Egypt’s national building and economic growth and invited more Chinese investments in Egypt.

Wang also stated that China strongly backs the president’s direction in leading Egypt to select a development course that fits its situation, resist foreign interference in its domestic affairs, protect its sovereignty, security, and development rights, follow an autonomous foreign policy, and have a more prominent role in international and regional.

Wang said that China values Egypt’s positive reaction to the joint development of the BRI and will be a lasting and trustworthy strategic partner in Egypt’s growth and renewal process.

He also said that China is ready to use the 10th anniversary of the China-Egypt comprehensive strategic relationship as a chance to enhance the coordination of the two sides’ development plans.

And to boost practical cooperation to produce better outcomes, and cooperate to advance their modernization.

Wang also noted that Egypt is a significant Arab, African, Islamic, and developing nation, and praised Egypt for joining the BRICS.

Wang said that China is ready to cooperate with Egypt to advance a more fair and stable multi-polarization and more beneficial and inclusive economic globalization and work together to create a shared future for humanity.

The two sides concurred that a truce and a halt to violence should be reached as soon as possible to stop the conflict from escalating further.

Wang also met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Sunday and signed the second five-year plan for the China-Egypt comprehensive strategic relationship.

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