Santiago, 27 July 2022 (TDI): Chile’s Foreign Minister, Antonia Urrejola, together with UN Resident Coordinator in Chile, María José Torres, led the first session of the Joint Steering Committee. 

This Committee is an entity that provides governance and strategic direction to the UN Cooperation Framework for Sustainable Development 2023-2027.

Representatives of Chile, Giorgio Jackson, Javiera Petersen, Luz Pascuala Vidal, Maximiliano Proaño, and Matías Cociña also participated.

Agenda of the Meeting

Before the meeting, the participants congratulated Antonia Urrejola on her election as the Vice-President of the ECOSOC. In addition, she was elected as Vice-President from August 2022 to July 2023, representing GRULAC.

After that, they discussed a joint strategy to guide the actions of the UN in Chile with civil society.

In addition, they also discussed impacting of the agreement on the development, human rights, institutional strengthening, and security agendas.

In this sense, María José Torres highlighted: “This first meeting of the Joint Committee for the elaboration and conduction is very productive. We will continue working to have in 2023.”

Moreover, she emphasized that the process of drafting the Cooperation Framework is being developed in a participatory manner.

“This cooperation framework invites us to reconcile the strategic objectives of Chile with the UN system,” said Foreign Minister Urrejola.

“We hope that the work we started today will allow us to sign the cooperation framework by the end of the year. This agreement will become a more effective and focused agenda for the country’s benefit in the next four years.” Urrejola added.

In this regard, Giorgio Jackson highlighted their belief in the need for a global approach to national problems. Furthermore, “It is a big step to strategize and align with the UN for the benefit of citizens,” he added.

This joint work has as a principle “Leave no one behind,” representing all Member States of the UN.