Athens, 28 August 2023 (TDI): The Chilean Foreign Minister Alberto van Klaveren on August 25, 2023, met with Greek Foreign Minister George Gerapetritis in Athens.

Both emphasized the significant historical solidarity and alignment on foreign policy matters that boosted the bilateral relationship of both countries during their meeting.

During their press conference, Alberto stated that he feels privileged to be at the Greek Foreign Ministry which plays a key role within the European Union and on the global stage.

He further stated that his visit to Greece emphasized Chile’s commitment to strengthen the bilateral ties between both countries.

The Advanced Agreement Framework:

Furthermore, both ministers discussed the Advanced Framework Agreement, which involves upgrading the Association Agreement between Chile and the EU.

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For this agreement, the approval of all 27 member states of the EU and the EU institutions is required, due to which this meeting between both ministers is vital for the agreement’s progress.

Minister Alberto added that Chile is expanding the scope of the agreement, as it is a highly advanced agreement they anticipate signing it by the end of 2023.

He further added that Chile also aims for a swift ratification process.

The High Seas Agreement:

Both ministers discussed the similarities between the two countries regarding oceanic affairs and added that both states face similar situations.

Both states possess extensive coastlines and substantial interests in the ocean. They further expressed their eagerness to advance in ocean governance.

In this context, Alberto mentioned that Chile aspires to become the headquarters of the Biodiversity Agreement beyond National jurisdictions, aiming to boost ocean governance.

Alberto added that the High Seas Agreement marks a substantial step and stands as one of the few multilateral successes in recent years.

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Remarks on the Russia-Ukraine War:

Both ministers also discussed Russia’s aggression on Ukraine. Alberto announced that the Chilean government condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as it goes against International law.

Moreover, the Chilean government has actively supported numerous resolutions and addressed this issue on various platforms like the UN General Assembly, the Human Rights Council, the ILO Administrative Council, and the OAS.

Lastly, Alberto mentioned the 50th anniversary of the Coup d’état in Chile, expressed gratitude for Greece’s support during Chile’s tough times, and celebrated the flourishing bilateral relations between both countries.