Islamabad, 24 February 2022 (TDI): The European Union (EU) Special Representative for Human Rights Eamon Gilmore participated in a public talk on “Centrality of Human Rights in European Union (EU) Foreign Policy”. The talk was organized by the Centre for Strategic Perspectives abbreviated as CSP at the Institue of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI).

This Public Talk was held yesterday at 16:00 hours Pakistan time in the federal capital at the institute mentioned earlier.

The Sequence of Programme

At exactly 15:30 hours Pakistan time the registration of the guests started and simultaneously the guests were seated. After the arrival of all the participants and guests, the event began.

Initially, the recitation was done from the Holy Quran, the holy book of Muslims. Afterwards, introductory remarks were made by the Director CSP Doctor Neelum Nigar.

This was followed by the welcome remarks by Director-General ISSI Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry. Then the Guest Speaker that is Eamon Gilmore, was introduced to the audience by the MOC.

European Union (EU) Special Representative for Human Rights then delivered his lecture at the event. He stated and underscored how European Union engages the entire globe.

The engagements are purely based on respect for human rights. Furthermore, he added that human rights do not belong to any particular state or country. Instead, they are a concern for the masses in all the countries across the world.

Lastly, the question-answer session was held. It was moderated by Director-General ISSI. Not only that but to conclude a Shield was presented to Eamon Gilmore by the Chairman BOG ISSI, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood.

Eamon Gilmore’s other engagements

Aside from attending today’s talk Eamon Gilmore also had other engagements in Pakistan. Earlier yesterday he also went to UNHCR Pakistan’s Urban Cohesion Hub in Rawalpindi.

On his official Twitter handle, he paid gratitude to the entity for the warm welcome. He also shared his satisfaction over the good treatment of Afghan refugees. He assured of the EU’s continued support too.

Furthermore, even earlier on February 21, the dignitary met the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. The discussion was on the significance of human rights for creating stable and peaceful societies.