Ottawa, 11 March 2023 (TDI): Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, and Anniken Huitfeldt, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway issued a joint statement following the latter’s visit to Canada.

Both countries held valuable discussions aimed at strengthening allied coherence, resilience, and sustainable democratic development.

They also spoke about the close bonhomie between Canada and Norway, supporting Europe’s energy security and ensuring the victory of Ukraine.

The joint statement emphasized the highly valued relations between both countries with their roots in common values and commitment to the rule of law and rules-based international order.

Norway and Canada are like-minded countries committed to effective multilateralism safeguarding human rights, rights of indigenous people, minorities, and democratic principles as well as promoting gender equality.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

One year into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and unjust full-scale war, both countries have reaffirmed their unceasing support for Ukraine and its people.

The independence of Ukraine, sovereignty, and territorial integrity must be established with collective efforts.

Norway and Canada reiterated their support for the reconstruction and recovery of Ukraine’s economy. Russia’s unprovoked aggression is a clear contravention of democracy and international law.

Russia’s crime against humanity, in particular women and children, must be brought to accountability. Both countries declared their support to International Criminal Court and its investigative work in Ukraine.

Transatlantic Partnership

Canada and Norway are transatlantic partners, devoted to promoting a collective security and international peace and stability agenda. Both countries agreed on deepening cooperation in the collective security area.

As close allies and partners of Finland and Sweden, Norway and Canada fully support their accession to and timely integration into NATO. Finland and Sweden members will strengthen the alliance.

Canada took the opportunity to welcome and commend Norway’s commitment to becoming a sponsoring nation of the NATO Climate Change and Security Center of Excellence that is being established in Montreal.

Advancing Democracy

Norway and Canada are committed to cooperating on advancing democracy through multilateral forums. The disinformation must be countered with close collaboration between civil society & an inclusive democratic process with all stakeholders on board.

The beneficial work of the Community of Democracies, Media Freedom Coalition, International IDEA (Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), and the Freedom Online Coalition is to be equally supported by the governments.

Strengthening Cultural Ties

The Artic and High North region are areas of rich history and cultural hubs between both countries.

The region is of priority focus to create multifarious opportunities for increased cooperation on cultural and natural resources and sustainable development through trade, commerce, and infrastructure.

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As two of the founding members of the Arctic Council and as Arctic nations, Norway and Canada will continue to work in collaboration to promote the Arctic region.

Both countries are jointly committed to a peaceful and stable region pursuing sustainable economic and social development with partners and Indigenous people.

Canada commits to fully support Norway in its upcoming role as Chair of the Arctic Council.

Commitment to Green Transition

Both countries, being progressive energy producers, admitted to their responsibility to contribute to global energy security and address climate change. Urgent measures need to be adopted to mitigate the climate crisis impacts.

Canada and Norway are committed to achieving carbon neutrality agenda by 2050. Earnest efforts are being made in the research sphere to promote trade and investment in clean technologies.

Both countries are determined to use renewable energy resources to enable a green and just transition. The joint statement welcomed the opportunity to increase and expand cooperation between Canada and Norway in years to come.