Ottawa, 13 January 2023 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Canada Melanie Joly, and the Defense Minister, Anita Anand have announced that Canadian Armed Forces have transferred the essential armed vehicles to Haiti.

The Government of Canada has responded to Haiti’s request for support, as the violence continues to escalate in the country. The Canadian military has transferred armored vehicles to the Director General of the National Police of Haiti.

The vehicles will support the National Haiti Police’s efforts to combat gang violence against Haitian citizens. The violence has hampered the delivery of essential services and humanitarian aid to Haiti.

This is the second time that Canada has transferred the vehicles purchased by the Government of Haiti.

Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said as the staunch partner and ally of Haiti, Canada remains committed to supporting the people of Haiti in their quest for peace and a prosperous future.

Canada has supported diplomatic efforts to establish an inclusive political dialogue that will lead to fair and free elections.

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In 2022 Canada provided up to $98 million in international assistance to meet urgent and basic human rights needs, protect women and girls, and strengthen security and justice sectors in Haiti. Canada remains concerned about the security situation in Haiti.

The Canadian Government will continue to put pressure on those responsible for the ongoing violence by imposing sanctions on members of elite groups who support the gangs, says Minister Joly.

Furthermore, she said, “Canada urges the international community to follow its example and help the people of Haiti facing complex challenges and violence in their country”.

Canada continues to monitor the security situation and will consider other ways to help the Haitian people out of this crisis.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said on Wednesday, “Canada is working with countries in the region including the United States to plan possible responses if the situation further deteriorates”.

In addition, Canada is trying to coax Haitian leaders to form a political consensus to support the country so it can hold a credible election.