Islamabad, 15 October 2022 (TDI): The High Commission (HC) of Canada to Pakistan celebrated the International Day of Rural Women by appreciating rural women.

Rural women and girls in Pakistan support the economy of the country. The resilience of these women is highlighted in preserving traditional knowledge, building biodiversity, and increasing food security.

The sustainability of the country’s economy depends on the agriculture sector which is powered by the rural population mainly women and girls. This day is a reminder to appreciate the contribution of these women despite their struggles.

International Day of Rural Women

The United Nations since its establishment in 1945, has worked towards the maintenance of peace in the world.

In this regard, it has passed several resolutions and initiated several projects. One of the most important works of the UN is its upliftment of women, particularly rural women.

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The International Day of Rural Women is celebrated on 15 October each year to highlight the achievements of these women toward development.

This day was established by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in 2007 through resolution 62/136. The resolution was regarding the improvement of the situation of women in rural areas.

This day is observed in many countries around the globe. It recognized the contribution of these women in enhancing the development of the agricultural sector.

This not only improves food security but also reduces rural poverty. It celebrates the strength of rural women in the general well-being of their communities and rural households.

Despite the stereotypes of society, rural women struggle to uplift their surroundings. Thus, becoming a backbone for their country’s economy.

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The states who celebrate this day are urged to continue their efforts by the resolution of the UN to improve the situation of rural women in national, regional, and global strategies.