Djerba, 19 November 2022 (TDI): The President of Cameroon, Paul Biya met with Justine Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada. They both met on the sidelines of the La Francophonie Summit in Tunisia and both met to discuss diplomatic ties.

The two Presidents met to ensure that they discuss the way forward for common diplomatic relations. Canada has continued to express much interest in diplomatic ties with Cameroon.

They have exchanged various diplomatic personnel for better collaboration. The meeting of both leaders has been described to be a way forward for continued good relations.

Cameroon as a member of the La Francophonie organization bloc attending this year’s conference will be representing the interest of the diplomacy of the Francophone countries.

They have expressed their aim to ensure that, the theme allocated to the summit is carried out. Unity, peace, and solidarity among many French-speaking countries are needed in this digital world.

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The government of Canada has continued to assist the government of Cameroon in various ways. The Canadian Fund Support helping African countries and many other supports have continued to help Cameroon and many other African countries.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justine Trudeau also expressed his hope for further collaboration among the Cameroonian government. The help and assistance needed for both countries to meet will be met from today on going.

Both countries have continued to serve as members of the United Nations and have continued to protect the interest of their people at each General Assembly.

The presence of Cameroon in the United Nations has granted the needed collaboration it needs from member countries. The people of Canada and Cameroon have continued to enjoy the exchange of people for both trade and educational purposes.

Canadian educational support has supported a lot of African countries to strengthen their educational structures and personnel. The meeting ended as it has been described to yield positive results in the coming times.