Borisov, 22 June 2022 (TDI): The Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan shared that the embassy held a calligraphy workshop by Ayesha Kamal, at Central Library, Borisov city.

The artist displayed her skills and inspired young artists for their artistic future, as well as students and faculty members.

As Kamal and Hiffaaz Amir had visited Borisov, they held a Master Class at the Central Library of Borisov.

During the visit, the Pakistani artists were briefed and shown the legendary exhibition of world-renowned Belarusian artist, Valery Shkarubo.  Along with historical expositions of the archive books and paintings of the library.

Art exhibitions

Recently the Pakistan Embassy in collaboration with the National Library of Belarus held an opening ceremony of the exhibition titled ‘Contemporary Art of Pakistan’.

The opening ceremony was on 15 June and the exhibition is set to continue till 6 July 2022 whereby it features artworks by Pakistani artists including Ayesha Kamal.

Her works are therefore being presented at the exhibition in the National Library of Belarus at the moment.

“It is an honor for us to showcase the calligraphic works by a promising Pakistani calligrapher, Ayesha Kamal, who indeed deserves deep appreciation for having flown all the way to Minsk for participation. In her unique style, she employs silver leaves to lay her reflective imagination and draws inspiration from early Islamic texts,” Ambassador Khan said at the opening ceremony.

Khan also described Pakistan as a society that is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual with a rich history in entire visual arts involving painting, architecture, textiles, decorative art, and sculpture.

Previously in 2021, the Embassy of Pakistan collaborated with the Art Gallery of the University of Culture in Minsk.

They organized the opening ceremony of an Art/Photographic Exhibition. It was titled ‘Journey of Pakistan’, as part of the celebrations of Independence Day of Pakistan.

Along with this, live artwork by famous Pakistan Truck Artists Iqbal Sanam and Tariq Khan specially featured the event as they were invited from Pakistan for the exhibition.

Ayesha Kamal

As an Islamic calligrapher, she is based in Lahore, Pakistan, and has been painting for the past decade.

Her skills include translating beauty together with energy into the canvas creating a whole domain of colors and textures. Likewise, her work is acknowledged for details as well as precise strokes.

Notably, her paintings are commonly shown in different galleries entirely around the world. In particular, Kamal’s painting was auctioned through ‘eye for art gallery’ in ‘Christie’s Auction’ Dubai.

Overall as an artist, Kamal tries to emphasize the message of the Quran through her art.