Minsk, 20 June 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk, in collaboration with the National Library of Belarus, held the opening ceremony of the exhibition titled ‘Contemporary Art of Pakistan’ on 15 June۔

The exhibition at the premises of the library will continue up to 6 July.

The Exhibition

In attendance at the event were 150 guests representing dignitaries, from the Belarus side, members of the Diplomatic Corps, academia, cultural organizations, and the media.

This exhibition includes the artworks by three Pakistani artists. The contemporary calligraphic works by a promising Pakistani calligrapher, Ayesha Kamal, masterpieces of world-renowned Pakistani artist Sadequian, and paintings of Noreen Sajid are showcased.

Most importantly, the exhibition is part of the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Likewise, the event also marked the establishment of a Pakistani Book Corner in the National Library, for which the Embassy has provided around 40 books that are presently displayed during the exhibition.

In addition, the expositions also included handicrafts made of wood, onyx, silver, embroidered wall hangings, and cushion covers. As well as bronze items along with Pakistani dresses from different regions.

The Ambassador of Pakistan to Belarus, Sajjad Haider Khan highlighted the bilateral relations between Pakistan and Belarus.

Accordingly, he shared with the audience the various Cultural Exhibitions held in different cities of Belarus during the past year.

Pakistan-Belarus bilateral relations

Pakistan recognized the Republic of Belarus on 31 December 1991 following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Afterward, on 3 February 1994, the two countries established diplomatic relations.

After Belarus opened its diplomatic mission in Islamabad at the Ambassadorial level in July 2014, Pakistan established the Embassy of Pakistan in Minsk in August 2015.

Due to the establishment of resident diplomatic missions by the two countries, bilateral relations have grown at an unprecedented rate.

In strengthening their relations further, 77 Agreements/MOUs have been signed between the two nations.

Specifically pertaining to enhancing cooperation in different spheres, involving particularly the field of commerce and trade. There is also the Islamabad Declaration of Pakistan-Belarus Partnership signed on 29 May 2015.

Moreover, the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the two countries was signed on 10 August 2015.

Also, the Pakistani Prime Minister and President of Belarus issued a Joint Statement on 5 October 2016.

In 2015 both sides created the Pakistan-Belarus Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Considering the framework of the Pakistan-Belarus Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, there are Joint Working Groups (JWG) for Cooperation. That is, in the fields of Industry, Agriculture and Science and Technology.

In terms of a forum facilitating and institutionalizing the close cooperation between the business communities of both sides, it includes Pak-Belarus Joint Business Council, Pak-Belarus Business and Investment Forum, Pak-Belarus Textile Forum, and Pak-Belarus Agricultural Forum.

In 2019, the bilateral trade turnover between both countries remained at USD 50.2 million with total exports of USD 15.1 million from Pakistan.

On the other side, the imports from Belarus stood at USD 35.1 million. Thereby resulting in a trade surplus of USD 20 million for Belarus.

Regarding education and culture, the two countries have close cooperation. Additionally, they have an elaborate mechanism of Inter-Parliamentary and Inter-Regional Cooperation.

Above all, the two countries coordinate closely at multilateral forums. They also regularly support each other’s positions and candidatures in International organizations regularly.

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