Sofia, 23 November 2021 (TDI): Bulgaria sent compliments to Latvia on its National Day; and intends to enhance the bilateral relationship, which holds a high potential for growth.

Bulgaria warmly wished Latvia at its national day celebrations last week. The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially sent the complimentary message on the occasion of National Day to the Latvian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Latvia got independence from Germany and the Soviet Union and declared independence on 18 November 1918. On 26 January 1921, Latvia was recognized as an independent State. Currently, the governance system in Latvia is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic. The Parliament in Latvia is called Saeima.

The Republic of Latvia is located in the Baltic region of northern Europe, which bordered Estonia from the north and Lithuania from the southern region. Russia is at Latvia’s eastern border and Belarus to the southeast. It shares its maritime border with Sweden to the east.

This signifies Latvia’s geographical location with an estimated population of a 1.9million.
Bulgaria is located in southeast Europe. It shares borders with Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, and the Black Sea at its eastern side.

Relations at High Potential

The bilateral relations between Latvia and Bulgaria are good, which hold a high potential for growth. They have good bilateral relations and work at common interests jointly.

Bulgaria wants to work constructively on commonly shared objectives at the forum of the European Union and the North Atlantic Territory Organization.

Bulgaria and Latvia are full members of the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Territory Organization (NATO). The bilateral relationship between Bulgaria and Latvia is based on common interests and objectives.