Copenhagen, 23 November 2021 (TDI): Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa, Alvin Botes, visited Denmark for bilateral political consultation. Danish State Secretary for Development Policy, Lotte Machon, invited him to Copenhagen, Denmark.

South African Deputy Minister Meetings in Denmark

The Deputy Minister held a meeting with Lotte Machon. Both discussed mutual issues between the two countries. Danish Ambassador to South Africa, Tobias Elling Rehfeld, was also present during the meeting.

During the visit, Deputy Minster Botes also talked with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council representatives, in Copenhagen. Likewise, they discuss food security matters of both countries. Carsten Friis Poulsen is the head of Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business, Denmark (DAAB). It transfers knowledge and experiences of Danish farmers from 40 years.

Furthermore, South African Deputy Minister met with Lego Foundation representative Kasper Ottosson Kranstrup. Both discussed economic issues and cooperation between Denmark and South Africa. 

Moreover, Botes also attended a roundtable meeting with Dansk Industry officials in Copenhagen. Tobias Elling Rehfeld, the Danish Ambassador to South Africa was also present at the meeting. They discussed industrial cooperation between two countries.

Deputy Minister Botes also held talks with the State of Green Organization. The Head of Partnership for Green, Iver Høj Nielsen, presented the role of the State of Green in Denmark. The state of Green is a nonprofit public-private partnership and based in Denmark. It works for sustainable energy solutions through technology for the green transition.

Denmark and South African Bilateral Relations

Denmark and South Africa enjoy strong bilateral and historical relations. South Africa first established its Consulate General in Denmark in September 1975. Moreover, in 1990, South Africa turned Consulate General into an embassy. Furthermore, South African President Nelson Mandela Paid a visit to Denmark in 1999. Mandela’s visit bolstered the bilateral relations between both counties.

Likewise, South Africa and Denmark’s Cultural relations are strengthened by the Nordic-South African Business Association, Danish Society in South Africa, and people-to-people exchange between two countries. Denmark constantly supported democracy in South Africa. Denmark is an essential ally of South Africa regarding overseas development assistance.