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Brazilian Secretary on Brazil-Japan Consultation


Brasilia, 5 October 2021 (TDI): The Brazilian Secretary for Bilateral Negotiations in Asia, the Pacific, and Russia; and the Vice Minister of Foreign and Economic Affairs of Japan, co-chaired the IX Brazil-Japan Political Consultation Mechanism; on 5 October, in Tokyo.

Both discussed trade, investment, renewable energy; regarding the Brazilian community in Japan, and cooperation in science and technology. The Representatives discussed also; opening the Japanese Market to Brazilian exports of meat and fruits; as one of the priorities for Brazil.

The Secretary mentioned that Brazil wants to partner with Japan in its decarbonization efforts through sustainable Brazilian solutions; like ethanol, green pig iron, and biomass. The Brazilian Foreign Affairs Office also shared that in 2020; that Japan is the 2nd largest partner in Asia, and the bilateral trade with the State of Japan, reached 8.3 billion dollars.

The Office also stated that Japanese investments in Brazil continued to rise; for the third consecutive year, and reached 2 billion dollars. Both countries established relations in 1895, that means 126 years ago; the relation was only interrupted after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but the relations resumed in 1952.



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