Beijing, 20 February 2022 (TDI): ROC athlete, Alexander Bolshunov, has won five medals in the campaign at Beijing Winter Olympics.

He clenched his third gold at a men’s cross-country freestyle event. The mass start free cross-country skiing took place on February 19.

Likewise, Ivan Yakimushkin, ROC Compatriot, claimed silver while Norway’s Simen Hegstad got bronze in the event. The mass start event consisted of just 30 kilometers. However, the event carried 7.1km loops.

President Vladimir Putin extended Congratulations

In this regard, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, extended congratulations to Alexander Bolshunov for his unstoppable performance at mass start free cross-country skiing.

He further stated that Alexander Bolshunov won three golds in a fierce competition. Of course, this determines his excellent training, determination, and stamina.

In addition to that, President regarded his efforts for his contribution to the medal collection of the Russian National Team. Indeed, Alexander Bolshunov is the outstanding leader of the ski race at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Competition Key Details

Overall, Bolshunov has secured five medals at Beijing Winter Olympics. At PyeongChang 2018, he won four medals. Therefore, he has extended his career haul to nine medals.

During the event, Bolshunov won within a time of 1:11:39:7 while the time limit of Ivan Yakimushkin consisted of 1:11:38.2. Norway’s Hegstad finished at a time of 1:11:39.7.

After the race, Alexander Bolshunov said that the event’s performance was unbelievable. He further mentioned that winning three gold medals is a huge accomplishment and he is excited about this.

He also extended his regards to the ROC team for accompanying him to this sterling performance. In the final loop, the ROC team consisted of four athletes and other team men with Bolshunov to lead his way with just four kilometers to cover.

However, Bolshunov tried to cross them but Hegstad and Yakimuskin stick with him. Finally, Bolshunov crossed all of them when less than a kilometer remained in the final loop.

Thus, he won the last stretch unchallenged. It is pertinent to note that initially, the event consisted of a 50km race but, later on, limited to just a 30km stretch limit.

Alexander’s Gold medals’ Repertoire

Alexander Bolshunov won his first gold medal in men’s 35km cross-country skiing at Beijing Olympics 2022. The event took place on February 6, 2022. However, the second gold was awarded in men’s cross-country skiing 4×10 km relay on February 13.