Belarus / Ankara, 23 June 2023 (TDI): Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik extended his heartiest congratulations to the Türkiye Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan for his appointment to the office while wishing him a successful tenure.

The two Foreign Ministers held a telephone conversation on June 22, 2023, to review their mutual ties and discuss the regional situation.

Telephonic conversation between two Foreign Ministers

Communication is key to maintaining the existing ties and forging future relations between the states. The telephonic conversation is one of the most widely used sources of communication recently, being the easiest and simplest way to trade views and resolve differences between countries.

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While engaged in a telephone conversation, the Foreign Minister of Belarus and Türkiye focused on their cooperation in important sectors as well as compared notes on the implementation of high-level agreements between them. Moreover, the two sides also considered the ongoing situation in the region.

Because of the integrated and globalized world, an issue or conflict in one state raises security concerns for others. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war is a matter of concern for the whole region, especially the neighbouring states.

Friendly countries often coordinate measures in regional situations of mutual interest. Belarus and Türkiye are allies of Russia and have even sought a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Appointment of Hakan Fidan as Foreign Minister

Hakan Fidan was appointed as the Foreign Minister of Türkiye in the newly formed cabinet after the Presidential elections in May 2023.

Earlier, he served as the Chief of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) of Türkiye and has also been the head of the state’s main institute, TIKA, which provides humanitarian assistance to needy countries worldwide.

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He has always been one of Erdogan’s closest aides since 2003, when he was appointed Prime Minister of Türkiye. Fidan has shifted his roles from a non-commissioned officer to an academician to a bureaucrat and then from the chief of MIT to the rank of Foreign Minister. As the chief of MIT, he also contributed to the normalization of Türkiye’s ties with Middle Eastern states, especially Syria.

Through all these positions, he treasured valuable experiences along with regional knowledge and thus is eligible to operationalize all three kinds of powers while dealing with world states, namely soft power, hard power, and smart power.

With the unprecedented appointment of a man with a security background to the country’s most prestigious position, there are high expectations of him as he will set the future trajectory of Türkiye’s foreign policy and develop its position on the world stage.

The chief diplomat has already started performing his duties by conducting calls to cordial states and exchanging friendly dialogues with them.