Dhaka, 14 January 2023: The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy of Nigeria, Issa Ibrahim, arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh, to discuss cooperation for economic development.

Minister of Communication and Digital Economy of Nigeria led a 16-member multi-sectoral delegation of Nigeria to develop cooperation in education, trade, economy, and ICT with Bangladesh.

The high-level delegation led by the Minister arrived at the international airport of the government of Bangladesh and was warmly received by a commission from the Foreign Ministry.

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The delegation from Nigeria includes the 16-member multi-sectoral delegation as they will discuss issues including education cooperation between Nigeria and Bangladesh, trade, economic cooperation, and ICT.

These issues are a significant concern for both countries. As Bangladesh is trying to uplift its economy, its counterpart Nigeria is equally trying the same. The issue of education is the main topic considered during the meeting. Both countries seek to promote tertiary and support base education for their countries.

The government of Bangladesh has, on several occasions, demanded a strong educational sector development for the country. The aim of this partnership is something that has been described by many as a good move for development.

Starting with that, human resource development cannot be made possible without the educational development of the countries. The exchange of students and giving affordable prices to school-going children should be their priority.

Also, they talked about the issue of trade partnerships. Their cooperation in the various trade areas of these countries will serve as a main source of foreign exchange and economic development. It is wealth to notice that the trading sector of these countries has increased for the past years, and they have generated a considerable sum of foreign exchange from there.

Issa Ibrahim assured the government of Bangladesh that Nigeria is always open to any co-operational deals and will be very glad to work closely with them.

Economic sector development of both countries has also been said, as they seek to generate revenue among themselves, they will work hard to bounce back stronger in their economies.