Islamabad, 21 December 2021 (TDI): The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) organized the 17th extraordinary session of the Council of Foreign Ministers; on 19 December. Pakistan hosted the session of the Organization and it was on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.


During the session, the assistants exchanged views on the situation; and its impact on regional and global security.​ The Member states also stressed that the Afghan crisis is causing serious humanitarian consequences.

Furthermore, the States stressed the importance of international cooperation in overcoming them. The assistants adopted a resolution following the session. According to the note, that resolution reflects the necessary steps for the OIC to take for the situation.


Those steps would aim to stabilize the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. In the resolution, the Member States decided to establish a Humanitarian Trust Fund. Moreover, that Fund would be under the auspices of the Islamic Development Bank.

The States also agreed to establish the Afghanistan Food Security Program.​ Also, the Organization’s Special Envoy for Afghanistan established his position to coordinate more effectively the OIC’s efforts to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan.

The Member States decided to strengthen the OIC’s mission in Afghanistan in terms of economic and human resources. During the meeting, the assistants appointed the OIC Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian, Cultural, and Family Affairs Tariq Ali Bakheet; as the Special Envoy for Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan in the OIC summit on Afghanistan
Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan in the OIC summit on Afghanistan

The 57 Members adopted the final resolution of the Organization to Afghanistan. According to the note, the resolution included a separate item on the evacuation of the population from Afghanistan. Furthermore, that item also mentioned the countries that have played an important role regarding evacuations from Afghanistan.

The Ministry then emphasized and praised the role of Azerbaijan among the countries that evacuated people from Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Ministry mentioned that as a responsible member of the OIC, and the country’s commitment to Islamic solidarity; supports the elimination of the consequences of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

According to the note, the elimination of the consequences of the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is a result of joint efforts of the international community. The Ministry mentioned that the OIC member states are included in those joint efforts.

Finally, the Ministry remarked that Azerbaijan and the other members of OIC will continue to contribute to the steps taken in this direction.


The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths; and the Secretary General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ramiz Alakbarov, also attended the OIC Summit. 

Alakbarov expressed how honored he was to be among the OIC members that gathered to support Afghanistan at the OIC meeting in Pakistan. He then mentioned that more than 1 in 2 Afghans need aid and are at risk of starvation. Alakbarov then called the international community to come together to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

Griffiths addressed the participants of the Summit and remarked that the Afghans are in free fall. He then stressed the importance of the international community to not fail them and do what is right, and what is possible.