Islamabad, 14 November 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Pakistan, organized an event to showcase the national cuisine of Azerbaijan on 12the November in Islamabad.

The event was attended by Pakistanis as well as spouses of foreign Ambassadors stationed in Pakistan. The spouse of the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Pakistan, Tarana Farhadova hosted the event.

While speaking to the guests she shared that each region of Azerbaijan has its own distinctive cuisine. Along these lines, she gave them in-depth explanations of the rich and traditional cuisine of Azerbaijan.

Likewise, she also shared information on how these foods are prepared. Later, the guests sampled dishes prepared by the Embassy.

The dishes included Karabakh kata, Nakhchivan chocha, Shamakhi mutakka, Guba bukma, pakhlava, shakarbura, and shorgoghal, as well as pilaf, dolma, Shusha Qalyasi, chicken lavangi, gutab, dovga, and mangal salad.

In addition, the participants were shown how to make dolma at the event. Dolma is one of the most delectable dishes in Azerbaijani cuisine.

The food and pastries served to the guests piqued their interest and left a lasting impression. The event also featured a number of videos showcasing the rich history, culture, and tourism potential of Azerbaijan.

It is impossible to leave the table in Azerbaijan without leaving with food on your plate, which makes Azerbaijani cuisine famous.

The variety of meat dishes, fresh vegetables, and fruits appeals to locals as well as tourists. Azerbaijani, European, Asian, and Caucasian cuisines are the four subgroups that make up modern Azerbaijani cuisine.

The rich grasslands of Azerbaijan, which historically allowed for the development of a culture of pastoralism, as well as the country’s unique geographic location at the meeting point of Europe & Asia with access to the Caspian Sea, all contributed to the cuisine’s development.

videos reflecting the rich history, culture as well as tourism potential of Azerbaijan were also shown

Videos reflecting the rich history, culture as well as tourism potential of Azerbaijan were also shownA varied diet rich in produce, milk products, and meat, including beef, mutton, fish, and game, has been developed by the population thanks to the environment.

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Because of its geographical location, which was contested by numerous historical kingdoms, khanates, and empires, Azerbaijani cuisine has been influenced by the cooking customs of many different cultures. These include Turkic, Iranian, and Eastern European.