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Azerbaijan and Georgia Middle Corridor boosts Europe’s energy security


Gabala, 10 April 2023 (TDI): President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyeva revealed in a press conference that Azerbaijan and Georgia have made substantial progress in developing the Middle Corridor project.

The President also declared that the two nations are crucial to the current energy security of Europe. The initiative aimed to construct a reliable and efficient transportation route linking Europe and Asia.

The Middle Corridor

The Middle Corridor project started in 2017. Since its inception, the project has gained momentum. Azerbaijan and Georgia have collaborated closely to ensure its successful implementation.

It is critical to the more significant East-West transportation corridor, which intends to connect China, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Europe.

Map of the Middle Corridor, a route linking Europe and Asia.
Map of the Middle Corridor, a route linking Europe and Asia.

This project includes the development of new roadways, trains, and pipelines, and the modernization and expansion of existing infrastructure.

It also includes creating new logistics facilities and applying digital technology to improve transportation efficiency and cut transit times. Both countries have been critical in the Middle Corridor project’s implementation.

Georgia is a crucial transit nation between Europe and Asia. It has made significant investments in its transportation infrastructure, building new roads and railroads, enlarging ports and airports, and integrating digital technology to improve the effectiveness of its transportation network.

Azerbaijan, on the other hand, has prioritized the expansion of its energy infrastructure, which includes the construction of new pipelines, the renovation of existing infrastructure, and the installation of new energy centers.

The strategic location of the country at the meeting point of Europe and Asia makes it a crucial country for the transportation of energy resources. Engagement in the Middle Corridor project would strengthen Azerbaijan’s position as Europe’s critical energy supplier.

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Azerbaijan and Georgia have formed a joint working group to coordinate their efforts and actively promote the project with other regional countries.

They have also been interacting with international institutions, including the World Bank, the United Nations, and the European Union, to obtain the project’s financial support and technical assistance.

The Middle Corridor project’s effective implementation will have enormous economic and geopolitical repercussions for the region.

The project will strengthen business and financial linkages between Europe and Asia, ease the flow of people and goods, and open up new prospects for companies and company owners.

It will also assist in diversifying the European energy supply and reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian energy resources, a critical geopolitical goal for the European Union.

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