Jakarta, 15 June 2023 (TDI): ASEAN reiterated its commitment to fight against dengue by enhancing dengue resilience and working together to share best practices and information on intervention for, prevention, and control of the disease on ASEAN Dengue Day 15th June.

ASEAN Health Cluster 2 stated in its Dengue Day Commemoration statement that Dengue, a prevalent mosquito-borne viral disease, continues to pose a significant global threat, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions.

Transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, dengue, along with other Aedes-borne diseases such as chikungunya, yellow fever, and zika, has witnessed a worrisome surge due to factors like urbanization, population movement, and climate change.

Annually, an estimated 390 million people fall victim to dengue, making it a major cause of morbidity worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that dengue is now endemic in over 100 countries, with Asia bearing 70% of the disease’s global burden.

In the face of escalating dengue cases and devastating outbreaks, affected countries are confronted with the loss of countless lives and strained healthcare systems. The severity of the situation demands increased resources, unwavering commitment, and robust collaboration at both the national and regional levels.

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Recognizing the urgency, the 10th ASEAN Health Ministers Meeting in 2010 endorsed the observance of ASEAN Dengue Day as a pivotal regional advocacy initiative against dengue. Commemorated annually on June 15 by all ASEAN Member States (AMS), this day serves as a platform to emphasize the region’s resolve in combating dengue.

Under the theme “ASEAN’s Commitment to Fight against Dengue,” this year’s ASEAN Dengue Day aims to demonstrate the dedication of AMS in tackling this public health challenge. The objective is to acknowledge the threats and opportunities posed by dengue and foster collective action towards proactive and sustainable solutions.

On this auspicious occasion of ASEAN Dengue Day, Organization urged each member state to involve a broader range of stakeholders beyond the healthcare and scientific communities in shaping strategies and initiatives to mitigate dengue.

Furthermore, it encouraged leveraging the synergies of People-Public-Private partnerships in dengue prevention and control programs. It is only through unified efforts that ASEAN can uphold our unwavering commitment to combat dengue.

ASEAN Health Cluster 2

ASEAN Health Cluster 2 is a collaborative platform comprising ASEAN Member States (AMS) aimed at addressing regional health challenges, including dengue, through coordinated efforts, knowledge exchange, and resource sharing. The cluster actively supports initiatives to enhance healthcare systems, promote disease prevention, and strengthen public health infrastructure across the ASEAN region.