Beijing, 15 June 2023 (TDI): In a regular press conference by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, in answer to a question posed by Global Post regarding sanctions imposed by the US on Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB),  that they appreciate the recent remarks made by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

They reflect not only the sentiments of the Bangladeshi people but also the shared concerns of the international community, particularly the developing nations.

China and Bangladesh have maintained a longstanding friendship as neighboring countries. China maintained that it firmly supports Bangladesh in preserving its sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.

Wang Wenbin asserted that China believes, it is essential for Bangladesh to have the autonomy to shape its domestic and foreign policies according to its national circumstances. In this regard, we commend Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s commitment to safeguarding these principles.

Chinese MFA spokesperson pointed out that it is worth noting that certain countries, while neglecting their own issues, such as racial discrimination, gun violence, and drug proliferation, have continuously interfered in the internal affairs of Bangladesh and other developing nations under the pretext of promoting democracy and human rights.

He further established that China is committed to upholding the United Nations-centered international system, an international order based on international law, and the fundamental norms governing international relations as outlined in the UN Charter. Together, we can strive towards building a shared future for humanity, where all nations can thrive in harmony.

In May 2023, Chinese and Bangladesh’s co-chaired the 12th round of China-Bangladesh diplomatic relations.

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The China-Bangladesh relations play a crucial role in the success of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The partnership strengthens connectivity, boosts trade, and enhances infrastructure development, creating economic opportunities for both nations. It fosters regional stability and paves the way for mutual growth and development.