Washington DC, 8 April 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Department of State’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES) has reaffirmed the connection between the health of the planet and its people, especially on World Health Day.

In a statement released today, the bureau highlighted its commitment to working towards conserving nature, combating plastic and other pollution, and addressing the climate crisis to safeguard the health of both the planet and its inhabitants.

In the same vein, the OES Bureau emphasized that the health of the planet is fundamental to human health. Environmental degradation, including climate change and pollution, can have significant health impacts on communities around the world.

Air pollution, for instance, can cause respiratory illnesses, while water pollution can lead to waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid fever.

Moreover, climate change also increases the risk of vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Lyme disease, among others.

To tackle these challenges, the OES Bureau is working with partners and stakeholders around the world to promote sustainable practices that protect both the environment and human health.

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In addition, the bureau is also committed to supporting scientific research to better understand the complex relationship between the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The bureau further emphasized its efforts towards conserving nature.

Through initiatives like the Global Conservation Fund and the Partnership for Environmental Conservation, the bureau is supporting conservation efforts around the world, protecting critical ecosystems, and promoting sustainable livelihoods.

Likewise, the OES bureau is also working to combat plastic and other pollution, including through its efforts to reduce marine debris and support responsible waste management practices.

Apart from that, addressing the climate crisis is another crucial area of focus for the OES Bureau. The bureau is supporting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable energy practices around the world.

It is also working to help communities adapt to the impacts of climate change and build resilience against future climate risks.

In a nutshell, the OES Bureau remains dedicated to advancing scientific research, supporting conservation efforts, combating pollution, and addressing the climate crisis, all in service of a healthier planet and healthier communities.