Phnom Penh, 26 October 2022 (TDI): ASEAN Chair, Cambodia released a statement on the recent escalation of violence in Myanmar on October 25, 2022.

South East Asian Block’s Chair said that ASEAN is gravely concerned over the recent escalation of violence in Myanmar. The statement came ahead of ASEAN’s Foreign Ministers meeting scheduled for Thursday.

Cambodia showed deep condolence for the growing causalities and immense suffering that the people of Myanmar are going through.

ASEAN Chair cited the bombing at Insein prison, hostilities in Karen State, and an air strike in Kachin state, which hit a civilian gathering, and injured and killed many people.

The statement stated that the latest violence along with worsening the humanitarian crisis also goes against the spirit of ASEAN’s Five Point consensus.

Recent violence undermines the efforts of the Special Envoy of ASEAN Chair to Myanmar for the implementation of a peaceful resolution, ASEAN Chair Cambodia, pointed out in the statement.

Moreover, Cambodia strongly urged restraint and immediate cessation of violence. It reiterated to all concerned parties to take action against violence.

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ASEAN Chair emphasized taking concrete action to enable a process of inclusiveness in Myanmar society. It urged ground powerful parties to engage conflict parties in constructive dialogue and to seek a peaceful resolution.

Other than that, Cambodia stressed national reconciliation in Myanmar, for peace, security, and stability in Myanmar and the region.

Recent violence in Myanmar

Myanmar has been in turmoil since the military took over the civilian government on February 1, 2021. Since then Myanmar is indulged in mass protests against the government and violence.

Recently, in Northern Myanmar violence escalated between the junta and other parties. In which hundreds of people died and many were injured. The military is doing air strikes and bombings on civilians.