Asad M. Khan met US Senator Hagerty


Washington DC, 16 February 2022(TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States of America Asad Majeed Khan met with United States Senator Bill Hagerty to exchange on Pakistan-US bilateral ties.

Moreover, the two officials exchanged also on regional security, the enhancement of bilateral trade, and economic cooperation. Ambassador Khan expressed that he enjoyed meeting the Senator, and both recalled memories of their time in Japan.

Indeed, Ambassador Asad and Senator Hagerty worked in Japan from 2017 to 2019. For instance, Ambassador Asad was Pakistan Ambassador to Japan in 2017 before moving to the United States. For his part, Senator Hagerty was working in Japan as the U.S ambassador the same year.

Who is Senator Bill Hagerty?

Bill Hagerty is an American politician born on August 14, 1954. Apart from being a politician, Bill is a businessman and a diplomat. Currently, he is serving as the Tennessee Junior United States Senator.

During his business career, Hagerty worked with the Boston Group. It was a job that led him to work on five continents. Later, Hagerty became an investor in venture capital and private equity. In the investment sector, he served as an executive and board member of different companies, for instance, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

From 2011 to 2014, Hagerty worked as a member of the Governor Cabinet and Commissioner of Tennessee. There he was appointed at the Economic and Community Development Department.

What are the areas of cooperation between Pakistan and the U.S?

Pakistan and the U.S share long-term cordial diplomatic relations. Both countries share similar interests. They cooperate to enhance and respect democracy, peace, security, and economic development in Pakistan and the region.

For instance, in the current political situation of Afghanistan, Pakistan is a crucial country for its region’s peace. As it happens, Pakistan is in a way a bridge of communication between other countries and Afghanistan, which includes the United States. Moreover, both want Human rights respect in Afghanistan.