Buenos Aires, 18 September 2023 (TDI): On September 12, high-ranking officials from across the region gathered in Argentina to sign the Buenos Aires Declaration, also known as “The Duty to Make Peace.” This declaration was the result of the II Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Peace Operations organized by the United Nations Organization (ALCONU).

The conference was attended, by representatives from 24 countries, where they also approved the Constitutive Statute for the “Latin American and Caribbean Network for Peacekeeping Cooperation” (RELACOPAZ).

The purpose of RELACOPAZ was to strengthen the coordination of policies among the participating states concerning international missions carried out under the UN mandate.

Moreover, the conference started with speeches from Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Argentine Minister Jorge Taiana, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, and UN Deputy Secretary Jean-Pierre Lacroix.

The speeches were divided into four sections on topics like regional cooperation for peace, Latin America and the Caribbean’s role in peacekeeping missions, training and technology in peace operations, and gender perspectives in UN peacekeeping missions.

The Ministers of Defense of the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Haiti, and Paraguay and Defense officials of Brazil, Peru, Belize, and Colombia participated in the session.

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Representatives from Spain, India, Pakistan, and China were present in the session as observers.

Furthermore, the Argentinian Minister Taiana stated that the conference had been highly fruitful as everyone had the opportunity to hear from each delegation about their experiences, challenges, and future outlook.

Moreover, she added that the conference had proved successful in enhancing global cooperation in peace operations.

Lastly, UN Deputy Secretary Lacroix emphasized the significance of UN peacekeeping as a crucial multilateral tool for achieving peace and suitable development.

Similarly, he commended the ongoing contributions and dedication of Latin American and Caribbean states to peace operations, which offer hope and support in some of the world’s most perilous environments.

The third edition of ALCONU will be hosted by Paraguay in 2025.