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The Arab League condemns Israeli settlement projects


Ramallah, 26 October 2021 (TDI): The organization condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli occupation authorities’ announcement to build 1,355 new settlement units in the occupied West Bank.

In a declaration, the Arab League likewise reviled the Israeli authorities’ endorsement to build 3,144 new settlement units in the West Bank.

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The Arab League said the new Israeli settlement wrongdoing reported by the occupation specialists yesterday comes as a component of the consistent and raising Israeli hostility against the Palestinian people, particularly in regard to proceeding with settlement plans.

Furthermore, the organization said these plans target Judaizing the involved Palestinian regions, including Jerusalem, to end and cover any expectation or opportunities for the two-state solution that communicates the decision and will of the local area and encapsulates the goals of the international community in conflict resolution.

The Arab League pointed out that all Israeli settlements set up in the regions of the State of Palestine are unlawful under international law and applicable United Nations goals, particularly Resolution No. 2334 of the Security Council on December 23, 2016.

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The Arab League approached the global-local area, its associations, and concerned nations, to accept their legitimate and moral obligations, and censure, yet additionally reprimand, and express worry over the reality of this new settlement wrongdoing and its repercussions.

Arantza Renteria Vizcarra
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