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Annual Seminar for the Heads of Belarusian Diplomatic Missions held in Minsk.


Minsk: July 19, 2021-(TDI): Foreign Affairs Minister Vladimir Makei of Belarus has attended a seminar which was held for the heads of consular offices and diplomatic missions of Belarus today. Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei launched the educational and practical week at the Academy of President Administration under President Alexander Lukashenko’s auspices.

Addressing the diplomatic and counselor heads Vladimir Makei reiterated the importance of understanding the contemporary and advanced national challenges to Belarus. He maintains the view that the global political and economic environment has altered drastically in the last year, posing new difficulties for Belarus, most of which are related to a hybrid conflict. Belarus may freely admit that the West has launched a financial and economic assault against it. These issues need not just immediate action, but also a well-crafted multidimensional strategy that is both forward-looking and well-crafted.

Makei comprehended his understanding that the reaction to the new problems must include not only sufficient measures in response to the West’s negative actions, but also the necessity to secure Belarus’s progressive and sustainable economic growth.

A meeting with the President, as well as talks with government leaders and members from the European Economic Commission, are all part of the program. There are also plans for off-site activities.


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