La Habana, 2 October 2021 (TDI): Presidents and Prime Ministers of Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia congratulated China on its 72nd Anniversary as the Popular Republic, on 1 October; via Twitter.

The President of the Republic of Cuba Diaz-Canel congratulated China on its 72nd Anniversary as the Popular Republic. Diaz-Canel also referred to the existence of China as a guarantee of balance, multilateralism, and peace.

Representatives of other countries like Mexico congratulated China as well, the Mexican government mentioned that both countries are united for mutual cooperation and the benefits for their people. The Mexican Ambassador to China Jesus Seade also shared a message congratulating China for its Anniversary and wished to celebrate their millenary cultures and ties of commercial and friendship for hundreds of years.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina also shared their congratulations and good wishes via Twitter.

The Bolivian President, Luis Alberto Arce also congratulated the Chinese President Xi Jin Ping, and the Chinese citizens. Arce also mentioned in his tweet that Bolivians pay tribute to Mao Tse Tsung, and the revolution heroes, who built a prosperous country, admired throughout the world.

Finally, the Embassy of Ecuador in China also joined in forwarding felicitations towards the country. The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human mobility, Mauricio Montalvo also expressed his gratitude toward the Chinese Ambassador in Ecuador for the invitation and mentioned that both countries have maintained diplomatic relations for 42 years. Montalvo also remarked on the friendship ties that unite Ecuador and China.