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Ambassador Sajjad’s Exclusive Interview on Belarus TV Channel 1


Minsk, 22 March 2024 (TDI): In a jubilant commemoration of Pakistan’s National Day, Belarus TV Channel 1 hosted an exclusive interview with Ambassador Sajjad, shedding light on Pakistan’s rich history, recent achievements, and future aspirations.

This event marked a significant moment of cross-cultural exchange and understanding between Pakistan and Belarus.

The interview, aired on March 21, was part of a special live event dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and understanding between Pakistan and Belarus.

Coinciding with the celebrations of Pakistan Day and the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

During the event, Tatiana Kremis delivered an electrifying performance of the Urdu classic “Aaj Bazaar Mein” live on Belarus TV Channel No 1.

Furthermore, symbolizing the cross-cultural appreciation and shared love for music and art that transcends borders.

Pakistan’s Journey and Future Prospects

Ambassador Sajjad eloquently portrayed Pakistan’s journey, emphasizing its deep-rooted history, diverse heritage, and unwavering resilience, while passionately articulated the nation’s commitment to peace, prosperity, and international cooperation.

He showcased Pakistan’s recent achievements across various sectors, inviting Belarusian viewers to explore collaboration opportunities and partnerships.

Moreover, the interview delved into Pakistan’s forward-looking plans and initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development, promoting social justice, and advancing gender equality, further solidifying the bond between the two nations.

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Embodying Friendship and Cooperation

The exclusive interview on Belarus TV Channel 1 served as a testament to the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Belarus, providing Belarusian audiences with deeper insights into Pakistan’s culture, values, and aspirations.

This collaboration underscores the strength of bilateral relations and the commitment to continuing to build bridges of friendship and cooperation.

As Pakistan celebrates its National Day with pride and joy, Ambassador Sajjad’s interview on Belarus TV Channel 1 encapsulated the spirit of friendship, cooperation, and mutual respect.

Additionally, it reaffirmed Pakistan’s commitment to engaging with the international community and fostering positive relationships across borders.


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