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Ambassador Rizwan Saeed boosts diplomacy in Egypt


Cairo, 13 January 2024 (TDI): During his visit to Egypt, Ambassador Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, Pakistan’s Additional Foreign Secretary for the Middle East, called a meeting with the Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister for Asia, Ahmed Shaheen, on Thursday.

Foreign Secretaries of the Middle East and Asia promote bilateral relations. In this respect, they discuss a broader range of areas, including politics, trade, and investment opportunities. Pakistan’s Ambassador to Egypt, Ambassador Sajid Bilal, was also part of this meeting.

Additionally, they explored avenues to strengthen bilateral relations by calling the next round of Joint Ministerial Commission meetings and annual bilateral consultations later this year in Islamabad. They agreed to continue to engage further and work together to advance mutually beneficial cooperation and dialogue between the two countries.

The Additional Foreign Secretary and the Assistant Foreign Minister for Asia appreciates the successful organization of the Fourth Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference and Single Country Exhibition. This noteworthy occasion coincided with the 75th-anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Egypt.

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Pakistan-Egypt Trade Relations

Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir, at the 4th Pakistan-Africa Trade Development Conference, pointed out that the rates of trade exchange between Egypt and Pakistan witnessed significant growth during the past few years, reaching $400 million during the years 2021–2022.

It included $300 million in Egyptian exports and $100 million in imports, noting that the most important items of trade exchange between the two countries included oil, gas, cotton, and plastic.

Minister Samir explained that Egypt and Pakistan share a long, deeper history of diplomatic relations between the two countries, as the two countries co-operate in achieving their ambitions to promote social and economic development.

Gohar Ijaz, Federal Minister of Commerce, Industries and Production of Pakistan, stressed his country’s keenness to strengthen economic relations with Egypt as it is a major window on the continent of Africa, pointing to the necessity of strengthening economic integration between Egypt and Pakistan in the interest of the two countries’ economies and the prosperity of their peoples.

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