Washington DC, 4 July 2022 (TDI): Ambassador of Eswatini presented a letter of credence to the US President and State Secretary. The meeting between the Ambassador and the US Department of State took place earlier on Sunday.

The Ambassador, Kennedy Fitzgerald Groening, presented his letter of credence to President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

It was a gesture of reaffirmation of US-Eswatini relations. Meanwhile, it is a confirmation of continued confidence and faith in the new administration.

Known as the Kingdom of Swaziland before changing its name in 2018, Eswatini is a Southern African country. It gained its independence from Britain in 1968.  Ever since it has had good bilateral relations with the United States of America.

From independence as a constitutional monarchy to parliamentary democracy, the US has had a friendly policy with Eswatini. The US has been offering assistance widespread in economics and politics alike.

An Overview of the Cooperation between Eswatini and the U.S.

Eswatini ranks as a developing country with 58.9% of the population living below the poverty line. In such circumstances, the US has been providing support to the country on multiple fronts.

For instance, the US Government provides help in funding health care systems. Moreover, the US has provided support to growing economic activity in this Southern African state through inclusion, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the United States has had a constant trade promotion in Eswatini. The US has continued to provide support for political reforms as well.

In 2006, Eswatini transitioned into a democratic system. The US has since extended support to strengthen governance through accountability and rule of law.

In the security sector, the US has been supporting capacity building. The US Government has started has a security assistance program. Every year six members of this Southern African country’s security program conduct training in the US under this assistance.

Also, the US Government has provided help and support in the field of education. Eswatini and US  conduct regular student exchange programs such as Full Bright.

All in all, the US has been an ally to Eswatini throughout its journey. The recent correspondence that happened on Sunday is also a gesture of such friendly bilateral relations.