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Ambassador of Azerbaijan met Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Islamabad.


Islamabad, 31 August 2021 (TDI): Ambassador-designate of Azerbaijan to Pakistan Khazar Farhadov met Atadjan Movlamov, Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan.

Ambassador Khazar has recently assumed the charge of Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan. He has replaced Ali Alizada who has moved to Tehran as Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Iran.

Both sides exchanged views on Pakistan relations with their respective countries and both countries’ relations with each other. They have also discussed issues of mutual interest.

Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan Relations

It is important to note here about deep-rooted relations between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Both nations were part of the former Soviet Union. Both countries established their diplomatic ties in 1992.  The relations reached a level of strategic partnership over the past five years especially since 2017.

Both Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan cooperate with each other in the areas of transport, logistics, and energy recourses.

Both countries are important parts of the transcontinental transport corridors such as TRACEA, Caspian Sea, Black Sea.

There are several joint projects including Turkmen-Azerbaijani Joint Commission on Transport, Transit, and Logistics, the Lapis Lazuli Corridor (Afghanistan-Turkmenistan-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey), and other transport projects within the Trans-Caspian space are going on.

Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan are key countries in the East-West trade corridor that has the potential to attract billions of dollars of trade and investment.

Early this year in January Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan signed a landmark joint cooperation agreement to develop a Caspian gas field that will further pave the way for the transit of Turkmenistan’s massive gas reserves to Europe.

Both countries are working closely together for regional peace and prosperity. There is cooperation in the field of migration, education, culture, civil aviation, protection of the environment, land registry, energy, trade, and economic cooperation. It is important to note that trade between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan rose nearly 40 percent recently making it an outstanding development between both states.



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