Washington, 6 October 2023 (TDI): Pakistani Ambassador Masood Khan held a productive meeting with the US Foreign Service Institute (FSI) and designated US diplomats, to discuss Pak-US ties in Washington, on October 5.

He urged US diplomats to make use of their diplomatic abilities and knowledge to promote strong economic ties and people-to-people connections between the two nations.

“Your efforts will improve relations between the two nations, particularly between the people of Pakistan and the US”, the Pakistani Ambassador remarked in Urdu while speaking to US officials.

The ambassador met Congressman Jim Banks, co-chair Pakistan Congressional Caucus, and thanked him for his leadership in the Caucus and resolute support of Pakistan in Congress.

They also focused on ways to boost bilateral ties in parliamentary, economic, educational, and cultural realms.

Ambassador Masood Khan had a very pleasant and productive interaction with Senator Bill Hagerty, and they explored new avenues for enhancing Pak-US ties.

The discussion covered vital subjects including climate change, trade, investments, energy, counter-terrorism, and economic collaboration.

Masood Khan also met with US Special Representative Thomas West and held a productive discussion on counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, and refugees.

The Ambassador stated that regional stability and socio-economic development through a strong economic partnership remain the core priority of the two countries.

While speaking to US Foreign Service Officers undertaking a 32-week course on Urdu language and culture at the FSI of the US in Washington, DC, Masood Khan made these comments.

Masood Khan stated that the two nations were working to strengthen their economic ties and give muscle to the existing relationship in the non-security areas.

He was speaking to a group of more than 16 Foreign Service Officers chosen for postings at the US Embassy in Islamabad and various US Consulates in Pakistan.

The Ambassador emphasized the nation’s advantages, paying particular attention to its unrealized potential, natural resources, geographic location, and rich cultural legacy.

According to Masood Khan, educational cooperation is a crucial pillar of bilateral ties since it forges strong links between people and enables Pakistan’s youth to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the two nations.

He also emphasized the significant role being played by a robust network of 39000 alumni who received benefits from several educational institutions and esteemed institutes of higher learning in the US.

The Ambassador was informed by Tabbasum Sohail, head of Northeast Asian languages, on the Urdu language and culture training that was required for the selected US Ambassadors.

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Earlier, Director of FSI Ambassador Joan A. Polaschik briefed the Pakistani Ambassador on the various training programs at FSI.

These programs aim to provide US Foreign Service Officers with top-notch diplomatic training and support them as they advance American foreign policy, perform on behalf of the American people, and excel in today’s global marketplace.

The two sides also talked about the potential for a partnership between the US FSI and the Pakistani Foreign Service Academy to share knowledge and experiences.