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Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan Visited Bow High School


New Hampshire, 16 November 2021 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, visited Bow High School in New Hampshire yesterday. The Ambassador addressed the students on the dynamics of international diplomacy and Pakistan’s foreign relations with the United States.

Around one hundred students attended the session yesterday morning. Most of them were sophomores who take the humanities course of “America in the World.” Numerous students asked questions from the Ambassador which were eloquently addressed during the session.

While addressing the differences between the US and Pakistani schools, he stated that although Pakistani students show similar aptitude as the ones in America, the country’s educational system needs considerable improvement with its curriculum, testing requirements, and inequality between the rural and urban schools.

Ambassador Khan spoke about the geopolitics of Pakistan and also explained changing dynamics of the US-Pakistan bilateral relations over the years. For instance, he addressed how the Cold War and Afghanistan’s current situation have had repercussions on their partnership.

On the subject of Kabul’s crisis, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan stated that Pakistan and the United States had different strategic objectives in Afghanistan; however, both sides want peace and stability for the country. During the session, the Ambassador also met with Tim Horgan, Executive Director of the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire.

While speaking to the students at Bow High School, the Pakistani envoy maintained that  Islamabad and Washington have various common goals for the future of the Middle East.

These include maintaining peace in the region, preventing refugee overflow, and establishing an efficacious government in Afghanistan that represents the country’s diverse ethnicities.


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