Tirana, 19 May 2023 (TDI): In a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting, Albania spoke for Ukraine and labeled Russia an aggressive state; while Ukraine is a defender, Albania clarified its stance by stating that Russia is breaking international law.

The Albanian government strongly condemns the ongoing aggression by Russia against Ukraine and reaffirms its support for the Ukrainian people in their efforts to defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Albania’s position is based on the clear violations of international law committed by Russia, which include the invasion of a UN member state, deliberate targeting of civilians and infrastructure, and the illegal transfer of weapons and missiles in violation of UNSC resolutions.

Russia’s actions have shown a blatant disregard for international norms and values, posing a threat to the principles of peace and security that the United Nations upholds.

Albania, as a responsible member of the international community, believes it is its moral duty to stand with Ukraine and support its legitimate defense against aggression, annexation, and atrocities.

Ukraine has requested assistance, and Albania believes that providing military support to Ukraine aligns with the principles outlined in Article 51 of the UN Charter.

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In contrast, Russia has been illegally importing arms from Iran and North Korea, in clear violation of Security Council resolutions; these weapons have been used by Russia to attack Ukrainian civilians and civilian infrastructure across the country.

This week, the Summit of the Council of Europe made a historic decision by approving the establishment of the Register of Damage, which will document the extensive harm caused by Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine.

This legally binding decision holds Russia accountable for its military aggression and sets the foundation for a future comprehensive international compensation mechanism for the victims.

Albania firmly believes that accountability must be an integral part of any diplomatic solution, leading to a just and comprehensive peace settlement.

These peace efforts should align with the principles of the UN Charter and the General Assembly resolution adopted earlier this year.

Albania commends the United Nations and the Republic of Türkiye for their strong engagement and substantial mediation role in facilitating this important process.

In conclusion, Albania reiterates its call for Russia to take the peace talks seriously and immediately cease its war, withdraw its troops, and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

The international community must unite in condemning Russian aggression and work towards a peaceful resolution that upholds the principles of the UN Charter.