Tirana, 26 May 2023 (TDI): At a recent Security Council meeting on Peace and Security in Africa, Albanian Political Coordinator, Arian Spasse, emphasized the importance of human rights in the African Union and United Nations relationship.

Arian began by congratulating African colleagues on Africa Day and honoring all individuals who contribute to Peacekeeping Operations.

Arian praised African Union for making substantial progress in implementing Resolution 2320 (2016), aiming to strengthen the African Union-UN relationship by establishing defined standards.

The Albanian ambassador expressed satisfaction with the progress made in satisfying UN requirements for peacekeeping.

The Albanian delegate emphasized improvements in personnel selection, civilian protection, and measures to prevent and address gender-based violence and exploitation.

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Spasse accentuated that peacekeeping missions can only thrive if human rights are at the heart of their operations and they follow human rights standards and due diligence.

Spasse signaled the importance of a greater AU-UN relationship in facing the continent’s enormous issues, such as recurrent violence, armed groups, terrorist activities, and institutional failings in providing basic services.

However, Arian highlighted that fulfilling the aims of this collaboration necessitates consistent and predictable financial support for African peacekeeping missions.

Spasse emphasized the importance of confronting the tough issues that jeopardize the essential interests of people all over the continent.

The Albanian delegation advocated for a long-term and sustainable approach to remove violence and restore peace and security in Africa.

This strategy must be human-centered and gender-sensitive, to achieve equal rights for all without exclusion or prejudice.

Furthermore, the Albanian envoy emphasized the risky environment in which peacekeeping missions operate, with armed radicals, transnational organized crime, and the expanding presence of Private Military Companies posing risks to civilians and troops.

Albania, as a member of the United Nations, actively participates in debates about global peace and security issues.