Niamey, 2 March 2023 (TDI): The plenary meeting of the Africa Focus Group happened on 1st March 2023 in Niamey. The main agenda behind the meeting was Daesh, held under the umbrella of Global Coalition.

It was co-chaired by Morocco, the United States (US), Italy, and Niger. Ismail Chekkori, Director of Global Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates led the Moroccan delegation for the meeting in Niamey.

This meeting was followed by the first plenary meeting of the Group on the African continent hosted by Morocco last May.

The participation of Morocco is important for this plenary as it would a platform to reaffirmed and reinforce the support and commitment of the Kingdom to the security and stability of Africa and the Sahel region.

Morocco shares a common goal with Africa and the Sahel region based on commonalities in history, strong human ties, and shared interests.

The co-chairmanship of Morocco with the US, Italy, and Niger is an affirmative action that Morocco is ready to play a leadership role in the fight against terrorism.

Morocco is firmly committed to the provision of peace and stability in Africa and the Sahel region, especially under the leadership role of Mohammed VI.

This step is also decisive of the Kingdom’s groundbreaking advocacy within the Global Coalition to address the continuously evolving terrorist threat in Africa.

The Global Coalition against Daesh was developed in September 2014, the aim behind this coalition was to combine the efforts and actions of its members to ensure a sustainable defeat of Daesh.

Through the application and following of an inclusive and holistic approach. This coalition is composed of 85 Member States and International Partner Organizations from different regions of the world.

The Africa Focus Group which was launched in 2021, brought together a selected number of coalition members committed to strengthening the fight against terrorism in Africa.

Moreover, coordinating existing initiatives in countering the financing of Daesh terrorism, building capacity, restructuring, and building resilience in local communities.