New Delhi, 2 March 2023 (TDI): At the G20 meeting session, the Foreign Minister of China, Qin Gang called for increased collaboration among G20 members to advance multilateralism and foster global development.

Qin started his address by expressing condolences over the lost lives in Turkiye and Syria Earthquake and sympathies for their families.

Furthermore, he urged the members to stand for multilateralism and stronger cooperation as per the situation of the globe.

He said, “G20 members should promote the development of globalization, reject unilateralism and protectionism, and ensure the smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains”.

Considering the volatile international situation, he called for sincere efforts to tackle contemporary challenges leading toward global development.

Likewise, he highlighted the significance of consultation in the dealings of global affairs to build consensus among the countries. “No one should engage in power politics or even bloc confrontation,” he cited.

Support of China to G20 Members

To complement the objectives of the Bali Summit, Qin called for improving macroeconomic policy coordination, ensuring food and energy security, strengthening global economic governance, and enhancing international development cooperation.

He said, “China has suspended more debt service payments than any other G20 member, and participated in the debt treatment under the Common Framework.”

In this vein, he emphasized the importance of completing the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) 16th General Quota Review and conducting the shareholding review of the World Bank.

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In addition, Qin expressed support for African Union (AU) in joining G20. He reiterated the international development goals.

Along these lines he urged, “to increase international development cooperation, G20 members need to support the Sustainable Development Goals Summit of the UN, tackle the climate challenge, and act on the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.”

Besides this, China also released the Global Security Initiative (GSI) framework for the political settlement of Ukraine.

Therefore, Qin demonstrated in his G20 address that China will always be consistent in supporting peace, encouraging negotiations, and having a positive impact on international affairs.