Moscow, 17 February 2022 (TDI): Russia and Niger are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. This day marks an intergovernmental agreement of both states on visa-free travel in Niamey.

But, this agreement is applicable for those people who hold diplomatic or service passports. However, the agreement was signed on February 15, 2022.

It is pertinent to note that Russia and Niger enjoy friendly and harmonious relations. Their foreign policy structure is based on principles of mutual respect.

Therefore, both states are taking steps to explore the potential of bilateral collaboration in the field of culture, economics, trade, politics, and many more.

Joint Cooperation between Russia and Niger

In this context, the promising areas of joint activities between Russia and Niger are mineral extraction, geological exploration, infrastructure, and energy projects.

Besides, there exist prospects for developing military and military-technical collaboration. In this regard, the intergovernmental agreements of 2017 are an explicit example of cooperation.

Above all, the important area of Russia and Niger’s collaboration is education and culture. Of course, Education and culture are two inseparable parts of society. Indeed, the Educational parameters get their guidelines from cultural perspectives.

Thereupon, both states are investing to carve the way of progress and development. This includes the training of Nigeriens at various Russian Universities as well.

Meanwhile, the political dialogue between Russia and Niger is based on the principles of the current trends of a global process. It includes the formation of a polycentric international order which is considered as a more secure and justified framework of international relations.

Further, both states enjoy common approaches to accept the role of the principles of International law. Indeed, International law promotes global prosperity and peace. In addition to that, both states respect the central role of the United Nations in international affairs.

United Nations has a long history of maintaining collaboration among states. Lastly, Russian Federation extends congratulations on this eve and wishes them peace and prosperity.