Islamabad, 2 October 2023 (TDI): The second anniversary of the passing of Pakistan’s renowned comedian, Umer Sharif is being commemorated today. He elevated the realm of comedy to unprecedented heights.

Umer Sharif was born on April 19, 1955. He initially began his career under the name Umer Zarif and later adopted the name Umer Sharif. He initiated his career as a stage performer.

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Two of his highly acclaimed comedy plays are “Bakra Qiston Pe” and “Buddha Ghar Pe Hai.” He was honored with two National Awards in the categories of Best Actor and Director for his work in “Mr. 420.”

Additionally, he received 10 Nigar Awards, further showcasing his remarkable achievements in the world of Pakistani entertainment.

Umer Sharif was also awarded the prestigious Tamgha-e-Imtiaz in recognition of his significant contributions to the Pakistani entertainment industry as an actor, producer, and comedian.

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Umer Sharif’s health condition was reported to be a concern in early 2021, leading to his admission for medical treatment at a hospital in the United States.

He made a special appeal to the Government of Pakistan, requesting them to facilitate the issuance of a US visa so that he could travel to the United States for medical treatment.

The Government of Pakistan extended assistance to Umer Sharif by granting him a US visa for medical treatment and providing financial support.

They allocated Rs. 40 million for his medical expenses, demonstrating their support for the renowned comedian during his health crisis.

Upon his return, Umer Sharif’s health worsened, necessitating a stopover in Germany during his journey due to his deteriorating condition. Umer Sharif passed away on October 2nd, 2021, in Germany due to a heart attack.