Baku, 28 July 2022 (TDI): The Youth Summit by the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) started on Monday, It is held in Baku, the city of Azerbaijan.

The Summit is attended by more than 60 representatives from member states of NAM. It will continue till the 29th of July.

Purpose of the Summit

The Summit is the first of its kind held by the Non-Aligned Movement. It aims at bringing young people from different states to discuss on global problems and suggest solutions.

The major purpose of the Summit is to discuss about the future of NAM’s Youth Network established in 2021. The participants will decide about transforming the Youth Network into an international organization. They will also decide about its flag and logo.

First Day of Summit

On the first day of the Summit, the representatives were welcomed by the Head of the Azerbaijani Delegation to Youth Summit, Azer Aliyev and the Chairperson of NAM Youth Network, Ordukhan Gahramanzada.

The first day of the Summit saw addresses by UNGA’s 76th session President, Abdulla Shahid and President of Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF), Taha Ayhan. The two heads emphasized the importance of youth.

They explained that youth’s role although has been exploited in past but they hoped that now youth would play an important role in bringing sustainable and good changes in the world.

Second day of the Summit

An intercultural night was held on the second day of the Summit. In the event, diverse elements from different continents were displayed by their respective representatives.

The event showed the diverse cultures existing around the world and their uniqueness against each other. The Summit highlighted how people from different backgrounds were connected on global issues.

A delegation by Pakistan also attended the Summit. The delegation presented handmade crafts and unique decorations to the participants.

Third day of the Summit

On the third day of the Summit, the NAM Model Stimulation conference was conducted in physical format. Moreover, the third day also saw a discussion on Food Security Crisis: Eliminating hunger and malnutrition topic.

In addition to continuing the finalizing of documents of debates in the Summit from the second day, the third day also saw participants attending NAM Model Stimulation Exercise.

During the exercise, the delegates performed their roles as official dignitaries of member states and tried to find solutions to artificially created crisis situations.

The Exercise helped participants understand how to look out for a breakthrough during a crisis and bring out ways to solve it as soon as possible. Participants also visited Highland Park and concluded the third day with sightseeing of Flame Towers.

Fourth Day of the Summit

The Fourth Day of the Summit saw a panel discussion on “Mission, vision, values and strategic priorities of the NAM Youth Organization”.

The Acting Chair of NAM Youth Network, Ordukhan Gahramanzade started the discussion. The Executive Director of the Youth Fund of Azerbaijan, Farid Jafarov also addressed the Summit on the Fourth Day.

He emphasized the exceptional role of youth. He said that youth plays an important role in bringing changes, especially in the field of public diplomacy.