Yemeni Ambassador on Pakistan-Yemen ties

Mohammed Motahar Alashabi (L)during interview with Radio Pakistan

Islamabad, 12 October 2021 (TDI): In an Interview on Radio Pakistan, Mohammed Motahar Alashabi the Ambassador of Yemen to Pakistan asserted that Pakistan and Yemen hold an amicable bilateral relationship. He also asserted that Pakistan and Yemen share similar ideological, religious and cultural ties.

The interview covered a range of topics on Pakistan and Yemen relations. This also involved discussion on the trade potential between the two countries. The ambassador expressed the possibility of rise in trade volume between the two countries if serious efforts are put forth.

The current political turmoil in Yemen was also discussed. The Ambassador views this turmoil as a power struggle between warring groups. He also stated that this power struggle has affected ordinary people the most.

The ambassador stated that Pakistan is a peace-loving country and has put forth serious peace-building efforts in Yemen. Mohammed Motahar Alashabi’s optimistic remarks on Pakistan’s tourism sector were an add-on.

The interview was broadcasted on Radio Pakistan’s weekly program ‘Diplomatic session’. The show is hosted by renowned journalist and columnist Javed Siddiq.