Amman, 3 August 2022 (TDI): Yemen supports the decision made by the United Nations (UN) Envoy for Yemen to extend the UN Truce. The UN Envoy Hans Grundberg announced the decision to extend the UN Truce for two additional months until 2 October 2022. The UN made this decision after discussions with the Yemeni government.

 The UN Envoy Remarks

The UN Truce, implemented in April, has been extended till 2 October 2022. Hans Grundberg, UN Special Envoy for Yemen made the announcement of the extension on Tuesday 2 August.

In a statement, he said, ” I count on the cooperation of the parties to meet their commitment s and implement all elements of the truce and to negotiate in good faith to reach an expanded truce agreement, and to put Yemen on a path to sustainable peace. The Yemeni people deserve no less.”

Grundberg also underscored that the main objective of the truce remains to offer relief to civilians and to establish a suitable environment where peaceful settlements can take place.

He also added, “In the coming weeks, I will intensify my engagements with the parties to ensure the full implementation of all the parties’ obligations in the truce.”

The UN Truce aims to stop the bloodshed in Yemen over the Houthi militia’s triggered war. It also seeks to facilitate the freedom of movement of civilians and transportation of goods and humanitarian services in Yemen.

The government emphasized the need to extend the Truce in order to stop the Houthi militia’s aggression. The extension of the truce will ensure that all the objectives are fully accomplished

The Truce will also put an end to the siege on Taiz and open roads to Taiz city and also to other provinces. This will also ensure the payment of salaries from revenues in Hodeida Port to the workers in Houthi militia-occupied areas.

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The Yemeni government fully supports the UN Envoy’s decision and all UN works in Yemen. The Envoy expressed gratitude to both sides for accepting to extend the Truce and also for their continued constructive cooperation.