Sanaa, 22 December 2021 (TDI): In the process of fighting COVID-19 globally, the United States is a country that distributes vaccines to countries that do not have any. The US shipped 168,00 COVID-19 vaccines doses to the Republic of Yemen. The vaccines are from the brand Johnson & Johnson.

With this last shipment, the US reached 319,200 donations of Johson & Johson delivered to Yemen. All these donations come from the initiative of COVAX. This latest shipment arrived on the 20 of December. In addition to that, the US has donated nearly $4 billion for humanitarian assistance to the people of the country.

US and Yemen relationship

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 1946 when Yemen was a Kingdom. Both agreed on the appointment of an American diplomatic mission that helped their relationship.

Regarding their bilateral representation, the United States in 2015 closed its embassy doors in Sanaa. The closure of the Sanaa US embassy was due to security reasons. However, now its embassy of Riyad has jurisdiction in Yemen, and the Republic of Yemen has its embassy in Washington DC.

The United States works in and with Yemen to reach stability and economic growth. Moreover, the United States provides humanitarian and development assistance to the people of the Republic of Yemen. Humanitarian assistance is a work made in collaboration with the United Nations, international partners, some US and local NGOs.

Indeed, with the help of the UN, the international partners, the US, and local NGOs, these contributors are helping the management of future sustainable peace.

What is Covax?

Covax is an initiative co-led by the coalition for epidemic Preparedness innovations (CEPI), the Vaccines Alliance GAVI, and the world health organization (WHO)

Due to the global impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide, the ending of this health crisis needs a global response. In this sense, all these organizations came together to fight this pandemic and help nations have a complementary counterattack. Their service is to donate vaccines to every state of the world, necessarily to the more vulnerable ones.