Guo Yaling & Xu Zeshuai

Xiong’an is the first National New Area of China. Located in the north, about 120 kilometers away from the capital, this area, covering nearly 2,000 square kilometers, relocates the non-capital functions of Beijing.

It is planned to be a model future city established with high standards, green ecology, and cutting-edge intelligence. The construction of the green smart future city may shed some light on urbanization in developing countries.

Xiong’an adopts a basic development model of “Society plus Economy plus Environment”, guided by the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The “SEE” model aims to make the city green. Digital platforms and information network technology accelerate the progress of building Xiong’ an into a smart city.

Adhering to the guidelines of integrating society, economy, and environment, Xiong’an focuses on the “triangle” of production, life, and ecology to ensure a comprehensive development process.

It is planned to be a model future city established with high standards, green ecology, and cutting-edge intelligence.
It is planned to be a model future city established with high standards, green ecology, and cutting-edge intelligence.

Green production is at the core of the development of Xiong’an. Pollution-related enterprises are shut down. Green and intelligent factories are built with great efforts from the government.

Gradually a clean mode of low-carbon production is formed. Clean energy and rich geothermal resources are employed to make the local environment clean.

To promote social life, Xiong’an is constructing digital villages and future communities. Intelligent urban infrastructure is provided, including 5G, AI, the Internet of Things, big data, etc.

Apart from enriching the virtual life, Xiong’an has installed traditional urban infrastructure to satisfy the daily needs of citizens in the real life.

With regard to ecological protection, the local government vigorously promotes the building of ecological civilization in the region.

The use of clean energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Citizens in Xiong’an build their houses with green construction materials. Urban electric power is generated by renewable energy.

To achieve the goal of “ blue plus green”, Xiong’an protects wetlands (blue) as well as grassland, forests, and farmland (green). Technology and ecology lie at the heart of constructing a green smart future City. The government is exploring a new model of building a high-level modern city for tomorrow.

Xiong’an, the “Future City”, is based on the world’s leading-edge science and technology, focusing on exploring and developing new generation information technology, modern life science, and biotechnology, new materials, high-end modern services, etc., to make industries digital, networked, intelligent and green.

The implementation of “technology plus ecology” provides explorative and practical means for the eco-friendly pattern in Xiong’an.

The combination of low-carbon technology and IT technology has become a new round of economic growth point in Xiong’an.

The application of technologies, such as cloud computing, mobile Internet, blockchain, and the synergy of power supply, power grid, load, and energy storage promotes energy operation and opens up new methods of intelligent storage and scientific utilization of energy.

The advanced technology of ecology and information makes clean ecology a reality and makes the goal of a “green smart city” possible.

Xiong’an New Area is a pioneer in the construction of an ecology-friendly and intelligent future city from scratch. To date, Xiong’an has made amazing achievements in coordinating life, economy, and environment, providing insights for developing countries and even for the whole world who aim to build their modern cities.


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